Kilo Kai Rum

Kilo Kai

Opgericht: Onbekend
Lokatie: Chicago, USA
Website: Kilokai
Bezoek: Nee
Facebook: Onbekend
Twitter: @KiloKaiRum

We love rum. I mean, we love rum. Trouble was, we weren't entirely in love with the spiced rum available in our favorite bars. That upset us. Greatly. So we sat down and had some serious conversations with other people who loved rum. Bartenders. Aficionados. Our kind of people. With their insight, and our connections, we set about creating a rum that didn't take itself too seriously and wouldn't compromise on taste either - a rum so smooth and flavorful, you could drink it straight. You read that right. Straight. Try that with any other spiced rum on the market. Exactly. It just so happens that this rum also goes perfectly in your favorite cocktail. The rum's name? Kilo Kai. It was love at first sight.

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