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Mates Gold Rum


Smaak notitie van Erik Voskamp, rum adviseur bij Rumworld

De neus geeft heerlijk zoet tropisch fruit
De smaak geeft een fluweelzachte fruitige en zoete vanillesmaak met een vleugje eik en “funkyness”. De afdronk is lekker zoet en lang met tropisch fruit en vanille die lang mooi blijft hangen.

Quote Mates Rum
Our natural, premium quality and environment-friendly rum blend is one of a kind. We decided to fuse natural rums without adding sugar or other additives. The result: a unique blend of Barbados and Dominican Republic rum, finished with a subtle trace of Jamaican pot still rum.

Levertijd 2 – 4 werkdagen.

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0,7 liter
Drink with Mates
Not Possible
Stated Age:
3 – 5yo
French Oak
Distributeur NL:
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Barbados, Dominican Republic and Jamaica
Gold Rum
Hampden, Worthy Park, Monymusk, Foursquare and Alcoholes Finos Dominicanos

Uiteraard kan je deze Verrassende Mates Rum proeven op één van onze rum evenementen zoals bijvoorbeeld een Rum Proeverij of Cocktail Workshop.

Drink suggestie:
Erik adviseert de Mates Gold Rum in een Gingerbite Rum Cocktail

Ginger Bite Rum Cocktail



Rum cocktail recept

  • 1 fresh pressed lime (juice)
  • Lots of ice cubes
  • 1/5 Mates Gold Rum
  • 4/5 Pimentodrink



Dear world, this one’s for you my mate. If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you’ll probably want to know is where this story started…

It was a Thursday afternoon at a sailing event somewhere in the Netherlands, where we both met on a boat with an afternoon beer in our hands. Naturally, that one beer turned into a few more and eventually resulted in us opening a bottle of rum that we mixed with some cola on the rocks.

Many years later we have shared countless more stories, adventures, and of course, drinks. Most importantly however we share a passion for entrepreneurship, the environment, and high-quality products. Motivated by this passion we have started our brand, Mates Spirits, to enrich the industry with a new, high-quality, environmentally conscious, and most importantly delicious drink; Mates Gold Rum.

Okay, now let’s cut the chitchat. We could keep talking and share our complete story with you, but we’d rather encourage you to get up, make some calls, and start spreading the word on what you’ve just discovered; you just met your new mate in life! Let’s share this new mate with friends, family, and colleagues or get in touch and become new friends with us.


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