Nuqliquor Rum


Opgericht: 2014
Lokatie: Amsterdam, Nederland
Website: Nuqliquor
Bezoeken: Niet mogelijk
Facebook: Nuqliquor
Twitter: Onbekend

I Am...
The impeccable dream of a talented mixologist and an ingenious DJ.
They have joined their mutual passion and extended knowledge about partying, mixing drinks, and most of all their innovative skills.

I Am...
The sweet and explosive introduction of a tropical heritage.
We are proud to present to you, the first Amsterdam/Surinam based rum liqueur.

I dare you to
Get NuQed! because they give you the best of both worlds.
Taste me in an easy mix or let the bartender make you a special NuQtail

Links Mearvin, één van de eigenaren van Nuqliquor
Rechts Erik
Foto van onze stand op ClubRum 2017

Nuqliquor Rum