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A Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), is named after a region or geographical area and is used to describe, distinguish and protect a product based on their special characteristics derived essentially from the territory where it is made, considering natural factors, climate and human.

Thus, the PDO of guatemalan rum, which endorses the quality and characteristics of aged rums from Guatemala which are only possible thanks to the confluence of natural and human factors that exist in the country.

Managed by the Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Alcoholes y Licores (ANFAL), this registration gives a new value to the aged rums from Guatemala, placing them within the exclusive list of distinguished products with PDO, and protects them from imitations as specified from the geographical limitation and soil characteristics, varieties of cane, the production process of the virgin honey, fermentation, distillation and the climatic conditions under which aging should occur under the Solera System.
Botran rum.

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