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New Grove Rum

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The story of rum is intimately linked to the history of Mauritius. And when you savour New Grove rum, you delve into the very heart of the island and discover the taste of authenticity; carried by the inspirations of an expertise that has been constantly renewed over almost two centuries. Heritage and quality compose the quintessence of New Grove.
Created entirely by us, “from field to glass” (5-star Rum), in the first distillery of Mauritius, New Grove rums symbolise what truly characterises the identity
and spirit of the island: “ Authentic, Warm and Welcoming.”

Travelling the distant seas for months on end, sailors of the bygone
days waited impatiently to make landfall. And one of the comforts
that would make them forget their lonely and harsh life was arrack;
a type of alcohol brewed from Latanier leaves.
The Blue Latanier (Latania Loddigesii) is a species of palm tree.
It is endemic to Mauritius, and surviving populations are located
mostly on the island’s neighbouring islets. That is why the two
contemporary species are the Latanier of Round Island and the
Latanier of Mauritius.

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