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The cultivation of sugar cane on Madeira island goes back to the beginnings of colonization and it was so important that we can say that its a part of the genetic structure of the Madeira people. William Hinton Rum

From very early it was noticed that this garden of Eden located in the middle of the Atlantic had exceptional conditions for the planting of sugarcane. According to history, the king Infante D. Henrique was the responsible for the introduction of the sugar cane in Madeira Island in 1425, 6 years after the Island was discovered. It is said that the first sugar canes sent to Madeira Island were from Sicily.

This decision attribute to our island a strategic importance in the route of the migration of sugarcane. Not only did it marked the transition of the cultivation of sugar cane from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic and the New World (the Americas) but served effectively and literally as an exporting platform for a set of techniques, technologies and socio-economic development models that have their genesis in Madeira.

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